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Business Partners

Business Partners

IWV is an open platform for all partners to share information and seek for mutual development. The company has developed strategic partnerships with various International and Chinese leading corporations specialized in water treatment industry and related business.

Haifa Economic Corporation (HEC)

HEC is the mega state-owned corporation in Israel. TheMATAM Hi-Tech Park developed by HEC is one of the most influential science and technology parks worldwide. Among the Global Fortune 500 corporations, more than 100 companies’ research department or headquarter bases on MATAM Hi-Tech Park.
HEC has signed a collaboration agreement with IWV (CIIP). Both parks are going toestablish offices in each other’s compound with a goal of bridging the differences between Chinesecompanies and Israeli companies and creating collaboration between each other.
Within the IWVand HEC collaboration frame, Haifa stands on the top of the value chain and IWV is focusing on services such as laboratory scale test and pilot scale test, providing facility support, marketing services and other kind of services through our ecosystem.


MiyaArison Group

Miya is the subsidiary of Arison Group, which owns the biggest Israeli bank -Bank Hapoalim, Shikun&Binui and Salt of The Earth, etc. According to the international fortune ranking list, the wealth of the CEO of Arison Group Ms. Shari Arison is ranked at 4th in Israel and 312th worldwide. Miya has advanced management on optimizing potable water supply in urban distribution systems and successful operating projects are located in Israel, Brazil, Philippine, etc.
IWV is Miya’s strategic partner in China. Through IWV’s service platform, the cooperation project between Miya and Guangzhou Water Investment Group initiates in Guangzhou.


Dongguan Water Investment Group

Dongguan Water Investment Group is the Chinese mega state-owned company which is forged by Dongguan Municipal Water Supply Bureau. The company owns three subsidiary corporations which are City hall Water Treatment Ltd., Zhangcun Water Purification Ltd., and Dongqing Water Treatment Ltd. It also owns two joint-stock companies named Dongguan Water Supply Design and Consulting Ltd., and Dongguan Water Supply Building Asset-Management Ltd. The company currently is developing projects including Songshan Lake Industrial Sewage Treatment(Phase Two), hydraulic generating pilot project, purchase of Xiegang Water Treatment factory, Recycle Water Utilization of Dongcheng and Liao Bu generating factory etc. 
Dongguan Water Investment Group and IWV form a strong partnership with each other. Two companies are intended to collaborate in IWV’s constructing projects and to build a technology trading platform together.


Sohovark Industrial Incubation Park

Sohovark Industrial Incubation Park is the joint venture of Dongguan Municipal and HuaZhong University of Science and Technology (Dongguan Branch). Sohovark Industrial Incubation Park focuses on incubating platform building in the field of advanced equipment manufacturing and electronic information devices. With the strong support from the science and technology research team from HuaZhong University, which is the top 10 research institution in China that recognized by “Nature” magazine and one of the two Chinese universities which awarded “Leading University Prize” granted by SME American, Sohovark Industrial Incubation Park has grown to be an influential industrial park in GuangDong Province and is recognized federally as “National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator”. Currently, Sohovark Industrial Incubation Park has three successful bases which are LED Manufacturing Base in Dongguan Tangxia, Robot Manufacturing Base in Dongguan Chang’an, and Digital Control Equipment Manufacturing Base in Dongguan Liaobu.
The joint operating program is under negotiation between Sohovark Industrial Incubation Park and IWV. This program will accelerate both parks’ development and strengthen each other.