International Water Valley

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Market Advantage

Market Prospective


In 2012,global water treatment industry (including transportation equipment, testing equipment, process equipment and pharmaceutical) output value of 92.807 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate was 10.28%. China water treatment industry output value up to 36.773 billion U.S. dollars, the average annual growth rate keepssustained growth. In 2014, the "Clean Water Action Plan" policy soon to come out, water treatment investment is expected to reach 324 billionU.S. dollars.


International Water Valley
2012 China Wastewater Emission Value & Water Industry Output Value

International Water Valley

2008-2012 Chinese Water Treatment Industry Scale



International Water Forum will be held once a year for the advanced technology enterprise promotion and publicity, providing business opportunities for both supply and demand sides in the market. IWV will cooperate with Dongguan Water Investment Group established online information platform of water treatment technology, providing online market businessinformation retrieval and information dissemination. IWVwill establish showrooms, providing a live demonstration platform to promote cooperation amongcompaniesresident in the park.


Collaboration Opportunity

IWV has built strong connections withsome of the leading enterprises in the market like Guangzhou Water Investment Group and Dongguan Water Investment Group. We can provide updated project information and business to business opportunities. IWV is also strongly supported by Guangdong provincial government and Dongguan municipal government by giving pilot projects to encourage the industrytechnological transformation and upgrading.


Project Promotion


IWV will assist technology companies to promote their advanced technology byseeking an appropriate pilot project as the first step into Chinese market.


The Window for Global Expansion

With the establishment of the supporting offices both in IWV and Haifa, and the processing ofthe cooperation with Lancaster University relating to the Chinese catalyst program, IWV opened the window to contact international quality enterprisesand established channels to expand overseas marketsforresident companies in the park.